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Tutorial Medibang Paint Android Pemula tanpa Stylush Pen

Halo Semuanya! InsyaAllah mulai tanggal 20 Desember aku adakan kelas menggambar via whatsapp^^ untuk pendaftaran dan info selanjutnya silakan...

Dec 29 · 33 sec read >

Android Studio – CRUD Input, Read, Update, Delete dengan SQLITE

pada tutorial kali ini adalah belajar SQLite dengan android studio membuat CRUD sederhana INPUT, READ, UPDATE, DELETE download code...

Dec 29 · 5 sec read >

Android Looper, Handler and HandlerThread Tutorial: Part 1 A

Part 1 A: In this video tutorial we will learn about Android Looper, Handler, and HandlerThread. These are the...

Dec 29 · 21 sec read >

Explained – Android Looper and handler

In this video we discuss about the concept of message queue and how looper and handler are used with...

Dec 28 · 16 sec read >

Android MVVM Kotlin Tutorial – LiveData + ViewModel (Android Architecture Components)

📗 Read the written tutorial with all the code 👇👇 Start saving time now by planning weekly with...

Dec 28 · 35 sec read >

Android Studio Tutorial – Notes App Using Realm DB | Kotlin | AppsfromScratch | Beginner part – 02

Insane Developer - Android Studio Tutorial - Notes App Using Realm DB | Kotlin | AppsfromScratch | Beginner part...

Dec 28 · 23 sec read >

Android Testing pt. 1.2 | Tests With Mockito

You can get the source code here check my blog Mockito testing library source

Dec 28 · 5 sec read >

Android Tutorial How to Set Height and Width in Percentage of a Button with ConstraintLayout

Set size for elements in layout with percent (%) in Android Studio version 3.1.2. Free source code here:

Dec 18 · 7 sec read >

182 Android Looper Example |

Launch Your First Android app with our TOP course at 82% OFF (24 hrs ONLY) HERE "Learn How...

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Using Kotlin to implement Clean Architecture by Lieven Doclo

For those familiar with the teachings of Uncle Bob, Clean Architecture is no stranger. It's a set of architectural...

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