Toram Online Spina & FARM SPINA AND EXP

toram online spina

Toram online spina

FARM SPINA AND EXP IN TORAM ONLINE – In toram online there are 2 thing that we will always needed. First is spina (we need it to buy in game stuff) and the second is Exp (we won’t need it when we maxed our level,tho).when we wanna start we need to prepare 1 special character for farming (farmer).most of people use “Mage” class for this purpose, because mage has huge AOE skill “storm”. When we already have mage with storm skill (minimum lv 70 to unlock L3 skill tree). We wont take long to get Spina or Exp. If u don’t have Mage,here is recommended build if u wanna build one and speps of how to farm spina and exp in toram online and
toram online pc.

Preparing Character Toram Online

To make Mage Farmer u need character slot, use ur free slot if u still have. But if u already use ur freeg slot u can buy agditional slot with Orb x3 (for slot No.3) and slot price will keep rising for the next character slot.

Stat Build Toram online spina

As u know that Mage basic stat is INT, so if u want ur skill (storm) dealt more demage INT is a must. But u need to consider that as a “farmer” ur job is to collect drop items, so u also need drop rate. LUK stat can rise ur drop rate

Basicly there are 3 type of Mage farmer :

  1. INT Build

Putting all stat point into INT. This type choosing more Demage than Drop rate. When u maxed ur level and get a good equipment u will be able to kill almost all monsters in farming place with only casting 1-2x storm.


  • High demage,can kill monsters with 1-2 hit.
  • Have higher monster kill/minute.


  • Have a low drop rate
  • LUK Build

Putting all stat point into LUK. Having higher LUK mean higher drop rate and and have higher chance to get rare drop from monster.


  • Have higher drop rate


  • Have a lower monster kill/minute, because of low demage.
  • Hybrid Build

Combining INT and LUK. This is recommended build and most of player using it(me too). If u want to solo farm this build recommended, becouseu will get enough demage to farm and have good drop rate to make ur collecting items faster. With distribution ratio 1:3 (INT:LUK) or 3:1 (INT:LUK)

Guide Equipment Toram Online hack

The main equipment that u needed as a Mage Farmer is “Magic Device”. Using Magic Device will incrase the area of effect (AOE) of some skill (Magic Wall and Storm skill). It increase 4 MATK/1 INT. Storm is Magic skill so higher MATK mean batter demage.

            Here are some way to get Magic Device

  • Monster’s Drop

The easiest one to get from monster is “Magic Feather”. U can get it from monster called “farfala” lv 13 at Ruined Tample Town

  • Blacksmith NPC

U also can create equipment (Magic Device) by ur own with the help of blacksmith in town/city. One of Magic Device with easiest materials to get is “Magic Device”. Materials :

  • Turbin Crystal x5 drop from Night Mushroom lv 10 at Reug Plains: Wanderers Plain.
  • Mana x15 and Cloth x10 u can get it from procecing Mana and Cloth type materials in blacksmith.
  • Consignment Bord

If u are lucky, usualy player sell their items in here. U can choose the cheapest one.

Skill Build

As a farmer, ur character must has AOE skill type so u can slay many monster at once and collect drop item faster. Here are some important skill that u can get from NPC “Lilulu” at “library” :

Magic Skill

  • Magic Arrows  (lv 5 required to take nex skill)

Shoot small magic arrows. The arrows increase as the skill level up.

Only for requi

  • Magic Wall (lv 5 required to take nex skill)

Create a magic wall at the feet. Deal demage and knock back enemies.

Only for

  • Magic Blast (lv 5 required to take nex skill)

Set off a blast by concentrating magic power. Chance to inflict a status ailment. The status ailment depends on the element.

Only for

  • Magic Storm (lv 10 : Important)

Ths is the skill that u will always spam as a farmer. Using Magic Device will increase skill AOE. Use magic to generate a storm. Enemies will be sucked into it. But strong monsters may not be sucked into it.

  • MP Charge (lv 10 : Important)

Restore 300 MP at lv 10 (cast time 3 second). When farming u will always using 400 MP to cast Storm. So MP Charge is very needed to keep u chasting storm “spam”.

Survival Skill

  • Drop Rate Up (lv 10 : Optional)

Increase drop rate per level (lv 10 = +10% drop rate). As a farmer  drop rate is very important.

  • HP Boost (lv 10 : Important)

Increase 100 MaxHP +2% per level.

  • MP Boost (lv 10 : Important)

Increase 300 MaxMP at lv 10. 400 MP is needed to cast storm so u need more MP to keep spaming Storm  skill.

Alchemist/ Blacksmith Skill

  • Process Material (lv 1 : Important)

Processing item into material for production. Farmer use it to clear bag from unesesary drop item.

After preparing character, here are stpes to Farm Spina and Exp in Toram Online :

Starting from “Sofiya City” we will move to “Nisel Mountain (Nisel Mountain : Mountainside)”

To hunt “Shell Mask”. Our goal is to collect  “Bitter Nut” and “Nisel Wood” as much as we can.

toram online

To get to our “Farming” spor we need to climb the hill at Nisel Mountain : Mountainside.

toram online pc

We can get 4 kind of drop from Shell Mask :

  • Thorny Twig (Dagger)
  • Woodchip
  • Nissel Wood
  • Bitter Nut
toram online pc

Use “Process Material” skill to process Thorny Twig and Woodchip than continue collecting Nissel Wood and Bitter Nut until ur bag full or u think it’s enough than back to city. After we arrive, we can sell “Bitter Nut” and “Nissel Wood” at  Consignment Bord, if want to get spina. These items has high demand, so u don’t need to worry for ur items won’t be sold. Or u can go to NPC to finish quest using these items.

  • Bitter Nut (Price 8k – 11k Spina per stack in Consignment Bord)

U can go to NPC Zono in sofia city to take “The Overlooked Snack” quest (able to accept after lv 25). U need to collect 12 “Bitter Nut”.  After u finish the quest u will get 18.720 EXP, and u can repeat this quest to level up ur character.

toram online pc
  • Nissel Wood (Price 4k – 7k Spina per stack in Consignment Bord)

For Nissel Wood u can go to NPC Yunis to take “Timber Shortage” u will get 10.080 EXP for finishing quest. U need to collect 30 Nissel Wood to finish this quest. Keep repeating these quest until ur character rich lv 50, than we move to our next farming place.

toram online pc

For our next spot we need to move to “Ancient Empess Tomb” to hunt “Nightmare Roar”. Our goal in here is to collect “Nightmare Crystal” as much as we can (most of player call it “NC Farming”).

toram online pc

We can get 4 items from Nightmare Roar :

  • Fairy Feather
  • Strange Shining Powder
  • Nightmare Crystal
  • Additional Gear

Use “Process Material” skil to process Fairy Feather, Strange Shining Powder, and Additional Gear into material. So u can keep collecting “Nightmare Crystal” after clearing ur bag. The effective spot to hunt Nightmare Roar is in “Ancient Empres Tomb : Area 3”.

toram online pc
toram online pc

After u done collecting “Nightmare Crystal” u can go back tgo the city. If u want EXP u can go to NPC Lefina and take “Pride of the Rich”(able to accept after lv 50). U need to collect (99) a stack “Nightmare Crystal” to finish this quest and u will get 300.00 EXP. Or if u need spina u can always sell “Nightmare Crystal” in Consignment Bord for 12k – 15k Spina.

That’s all from me,if u have any question please write in coment. Thanks and happy farming.

Written by Ridho Rangga
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