LeAnn Rimes on Who Knew She Was The Sun on ‘The Masked Singer,’ Plus: She Dishes on Holiday Plans

with me now the sun unmasked leanne rhymes congratulations on such a great season thank you so much thank you i had...

LeAnn Rimes on Who Knew She Was The Sun on ‘The Masked Singer,’ Plus: She Dishes on Holiday Plans

with me now the sun unmasked leanne rhymes congratulations on such a great season thank you so much thank you i had a blast i really did it was such an enjoyable time yeah and by the way can i just say last time we talked i called it i asked you i’m like everyone’s talking about it everyone’s saying you’re the son you’re playing coy with the girl [Music] oh it was so hard i oh my gosh every time i got off an interview or someone asked i was like did i do okay did i lie okay cause i i can’t i know i can’t know so hard oh my god i love it so so how was the experience for you um and and what made you decide to to join the show are you a fan of the mask singer no i had never really watched the show i’d seen clips of it um but i had i had my reasoning i was at home in sweats on the couch and i was like you know i could go create something really fun and i went in with the thought of you know i really wanted to create this character and tell a very specific story and the story of you know bringing light into this dark moment and so i thought the sun was the perfect character it speaks to it speaks to everything i’m putting out in the world between my chant album and i have a new song out that just came out yesterday throw my arms around the world and i thought you know it’s such divine timing like to be able to create a character that feels and and you know is the visual of everything that i’m putting out in the world and i think we’re in a moment of need of that so yeah it was it was great to bring joy to people it’s such a joyous show and i mean everybody’s saying that this season was like the best season yet thanks in large part because of you i mean you really you really like it up a notch honestly um and you brought a lot of heart to the to the show too so tell me because your voice this is like the world’s worst kept secret because your voice is so distinct right how did you try to you know keep that away from the judges and keep it a secret yeah we didn’t really so um i actually almost didn’t do the show no i no i you know i almost didn’t do the show because of that and i i was like they were like just get on the phone with us we’ll talk talk you through and what what we’re looking for and people play the show in different ways and you know i was very clear i’m like there’s no way that people aren’t gonna know who i am and you know they’ve grown up with me for 25 years um and they were like don’t worry about it we’ll do something fun on the first number and then like let’s just create these beautiful tv moments and you know i i i think lizzo kind of like a little bit through people but so many people knew i mean my instagram and twitter were like blowing up after the first show and i’m like i told you like everybody’s gonna know but i i just went with it i just went with it you know i think people were like maybe it’s not her maybe this is just like some crazy like likeness of her voice that you know it’s going to throw everybody but i mean i love and what do you think about the rest of the pool of talent because you guys have so many grammys in between all of you yeah it was great to see people come on the show this year like i said i think we were all like well we’re not doing anything so we might as well and uh you know ala black’s a dear friend of mine we recorded a duet together on my christmas album and i had no idea that that was him until the very last minute and when it was done i was like can i go hook my friend can we both win i’m like that’s my friend he’s so sweet he’s just the best guy and so like everybody on the show you know did a great job they really did and um you know when it was down to nick and alo and i mean we we all brought it so it was you know you never know who’s gonna win and i was i was on there with some great people and what was it like inside the costume uh it was many things it was like hot confining um it was heavy uh it was definitely definitely heavy and for a singer like the only thing i’m thinking about is can i hit the notes and do the thing i need to do to sound good and so they were constantly like adjusting the costume for me which was the the design team there is incredible and they you know my skirt stood on its own it was like 20 pounds the head thing was like it was so massive um but i was i was very clear i’m like i have to see i have to be able to breathe i’m a bit claustrophobic so that also scared me so i had nothing like on the back of my head um yeah so we went you know they they were fantastic about working with me on on really making it as comfortable as possible but it it did serve syrup some challenges when it came to singing did eddie know that you were the son yeah eddie knew eddie and my manager and that was it that was the only two people who knew my stepsons did not um in fact i told them last night and they like like ah jake my youngest was like i just lost a bet they didn’t actually they were very quiet about it because i think they i think they knew like if it was me i couldn’t say anything um but i would that you know they saw me come home from and i’m like i’m so tired i was so sore jake’s like what are you doing i’m like i’m in the studio i’m just like working really hard in the studio which i was we were in a studio yeah but um yeah no it was it was hard it was really hard obviously like to hide from my mom and my friends like i got texts all the time and all i kept doing was avoid avoid avoid like i have no idea what you’re talking about do not my mom’s like i birthed you yeah she’s like i birthed you you can’t fool me like that’s very true so funny that’s like the toughest secret to have to keep and now i’m sure that like now that it’s the cat’s out the bag you’re like so happy to tell everybody so oh so such a weight off of your shoulders and i love that you’re the sun because i think we can all you know we all need some sunlight and something to be happy about 2020 is coming to an end thank god it’s been one of the most challenging years i think of our collective lives um you mentioned that eddie’s been your rock in in many aspects of your life so how is that true this year more than ever oh my gosh um we’ve you know we’ve had to pick up uh where we’ve always kind of picked up where each other leaves off and we’ve we’ve supported each other in so many ways um emotionally and and uh i mean even physically he’s so wonderful he was up here earlier like helping me set up all of this tech stuff he’s so great you know we uh you know we’re we’re very connected and have become a you know even even tougher team i think and and connected as a team you know during this time i think either you kind of go one one way or the other and um you know i mean it’s true and so yeah we’ve uh we gotta we get on each other’s nerves too we were doing laundry last night and um we’re like annoyed with each other so it happens for sure but uh you know we always come back together and support each other he’s wonderful and what are you guys doing for the holidays what are your plans chilling we’re like everybody else i think it’s going to be a super quiet holiday so um i look forward to i look forward to enjoying i think these last kind of few moments of solitude because i i know that when life is going to speed up and you know i’m just taking it all in as we can right now yeah you know and i think there’s no one better to talk to you about this than you i mean we always talk about like how hard this year has been and all the negative aspects of it but how do you think that the pandemic and lockdown and just recoursing our whole lives how do you think that’s changed you for the better we all needed recoursing right i mean i feel like we were so outside of ourselves um and you know i’ve spent the last eight years of coming back home to my myself and i think this just gave me an opportunity to to dig a little deeper it was another layer you know they say healing’s kind of this like spiral and you know you think you’ve healed a piece and then you’re like you you go whoa all of a sudden it comes back and you’re like i thought i’ve dealt with that so i think a lot of people were um were in that spiral this year of of you know just digging a little bit deeper and coming home to themselves a little bit more and yeah it uh it was nice for me personally to be able to slow down sadly it came in this way um you know but it was nice to slow down and actually be in one place for a moment so i i think keeping that in mind and how much i’ve enjoyed being home it’s you know really striking a balance next year when things do do speed up again and we hope to see you in studio in person at some point in 2021 yeah thank you so much you’re a doll thank you have a good day happy holidays you too thank you thank you for watching if you want more extra hit the subscribe button and the bell so you’ll never miss a video

LeAnn Rimes was crowned the winner of “The Masked Singer” last night, right after her moving performance of Brandi Carlile’s hit “The Story” as The Sun.

The two-time Grammy winner got emotional herself when she took home the Golden Ear Trophy on the primetime FOX hit.

“Extra’s” Jenn Lahmers caught up with LeAnn, who dished on the show and her holiday plans.

Written by Alex Sander Leonardo
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