Governor Gavin Newsom is considering a new stay-at-home order for large parts of CA due to an increase in COVID-19

let’s see. this is one thing to talk about where we can be – valle de san joaquin for christmas. usable capacities...

let’s see. this is one thing to talk about where we can be – valle de san joaquin for christmas. usable capacities in our hospitals. look icus, you’re starting to destroy things, quickly view our 75% countries. only in early december, it was in one or two weeks. can be seen in the middle of december, california, sick with 20% capacity. feel where we are, including early january in the bay area. stronger in capacity based on current projection.

even in early january, they will explain, near 100%. that’s the light of the earth on the red flag things that fly. it is not a yellow flag, a red flag that flies in our traffic requirements and growth projections. that’s why we make this point very hard today. the doctor will also talk about the questions and answers. if this trend happened, we must take a more dramatic action, argument an action dr6 c1. including purple level district search. now they are in 51 of 58 districts. we have nine districts during the back weekend. remember, we are not waiting to move in.

we make it more consistent. 51 counties in 51 counties in purple. only one in orange state. nothing in yellow state. if we see that this trend continues, potential order to stay at home because hospital and icu, now we are not looking for positive prices. we are not just looking for case prices. now we are looking in real time for the number of capacity of hospitals and icu in the area. this will be necessary, and we rate in real-time the following days or two days to make a deeper state of purpose according to the order of life in a house that was family folks at the beginning of this year, with our workshop modifications. we are very aware of what is happening in l.a. county and area bay to help officers advise our team on the provisions of what they expect and the country’s expectations.

they are famous with some of the recommendations that we take from them and some of the recommendations that we have used in their time, which are applied in real time. i think this is an important point to improve. maybe you can speak briefly, before i move on the slide, and i will enter such current status, speaking – slide state, talk more about your conversations during the last week to provide more answer.

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