Aussie bowlers take the honours on gripping opening day | Vodafone Test Series 2020-21

welcome to adelaide getting determined for the first day of play in the four experiment lines between australia and india that's the...

Aussie bowlers take the honours on gripping opening day | Vodafone Test Series 2020-21

welcome to adelaide getting determined for the first day of play in the four experiment lines between australia and india that’s the job of the opening bowler gave the ambiance for the bowlers and the batsman this is what’s in store for the rest of the day dream start for stark and australia shaw’s knocked over in the second ball and the aussies celebrate the best possible start and the worst possible start for india[ Applause] wow what a moment that is what a first over when he’s got his tush up like this he’s as good as anyone in the world countries[ Applause] on the off side oh the man was residence roughly to perfection confident punch through the sheathes from argeval chase is on from slog ball earns have begun to agave hit it’s an expansive apoplexy crushes away off the outside portion of the at-bat and spots the rope “re coming” comes into the attack[ Applause][ Music] the ball descent in front of matthew room but there was an opportunity there most successful bowl at the beer at coley’s face by way of being dismissed goes down the sand an approval blow from coley and in around the bat the indians have shown they’re prepared to use their feet and positive they’re interested in around the bat suffering a little bit more speculative perhap glove if anything surely ball and glove i guess lovely wrist task from coley slight warmup delivery from austere not his best of the day oh in the inside margin on that one the third largest or fourth duration that hurt coley the projectile tracts in unoccupied cavity as he rings his hands[ Applause] comedies the draw kill gets it in front of square not convinced there i don’t think it was a good shoot but four for veracoli to finish the over fleck of apartment and he takes it and plays it nicely pajara is it his first bound[ Applause] oh where reference is sprinkles and intermission pajara threatens the midwicket boundary to hasten on two in a row[ Applause] creating lucks is that the fortune is that the breakthrough oh pajaro looked like he was walking[ Applause] i think we’ll visualize a drs here yeah okay looks like def has hit the bat i’ll get hot spot be ensured that for me please yep thank you i’ll is going in bruce on the field nathan lyon picks up the wicket of pajaro for the tenth time in test cricket the fight of attrition is over so even it doesn’t work he’s not going to say look good hit okay lovely to the pitch of the lump ajinki rouhani lovely spurting drive through the embraces picks up for[ Applause] i’ll get past short leg and that will bring up veracoli’s 50 he enjoys batting now at the adelaide oval an respect from the indian followers in the crowd not often you get to see one of the best players in the game here in australia[ Applause] that’s a good sweet shot i was gonna personally have adored the opportunity of all if you suggest me all over the park or simply cherish that opening it’s not that huge you know sharks that’s really close it’s tighten and he’s in so i’ve made my decision rouhani never run out in experiment cricket kylie was 16 at the time oh that’s well played it’s just a beat certainly from coley through midwicket and a rare border she was perfectly extradited as well and that’s perfectly played from coley one of the most aggressive films of the day so far hold up now the adjudicators one short oh no come on bruce this was very coley’s reaction when he saw on the big screen on the replay screen at the ground that’s fair enough too[ Applause] that was a beautiful stroke from virat kohli nathan route looking for flight and but coley is just concentrating like a dorm his footwork to nathan line today has been exquisite does it on catch it’s the call but he’s hit it too well be fair it was a good bouncer from cummins but i think at this stage you would have speculated oh no i’m in misfortune now but carried only too far if this pair profits and they go past 300 they’re driving the bus oh[ Applause] that’s just utterly just done like a dinner what do you think scully turned me over on the barbecue the yes call committed coley and then no no with coley absolutely struggling he’s officered it sweet his vice captain has nailed him that’s a huge wicket in different contexts of the pair impres on the pads[ Applause][ Music][ Applause][ Music] leading a touch down the leg slope uh dance tracking coming up now paul umpire’s call on impact and missing the stumps so you’ll stay here with your original decision of not out blind again yeah astonishing condition hazelwood he’s got him interesting to see if he reviews and off he goes australia pushing six wickets here and then memory might have done a signaling now that is a catching opportunity good effort from hazelwood good shooting cummins right on the money ashman’s going with it again neat procedure that’s for final ball the first day’s played hazelwood leaves it alone outside of stump good first day in the border gavisco trophy 326 in its most recent session of 34 overs[ Music] somewhat even daylights play

Mitchell Starc set the tone with a wicket off the game’s second ball, Nathan Lyon created plenty of chances before removing Cheteshwar Pujara, and Virat Kohli was run out to spark a mini-collapse against the new pink ball on an entertaining first day.

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