gasgoo awards 2022 applicant: z-one galaxy shrewd cockpit software program platform

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for the gasgoo awards 2022, the z-one galaxy sensible cockpit software program platform from z-one tech has implemented for the pinnacle one hundred gamers of china’s new automobile deliver chain.

product: z-one galaxy wise cockpit software platform


as a practitioner of “records determines revel in and software defines motors”, z-one tech focuses on the studies and improvement of wise car era for a long term, presenting customers with full stack or platform answers. “z-one galaxy shrewd cockpit software program platform”is an vital carrier of digital experience products,this smart cockpit software program solution is based on z-one galaxy full stack 4 technical bases, which includes computing platform, electronic structure, software platform and sensible cloud platform.

“z-one galaxy wise cockpit software program platform”is primarily based on the mainstream android aosp and virtualization technology rtos+android working gadget within the car area, prepared with many platform modules required by means of soa software and cloud management included software program structure, and it realizes the most vital hmi type“area ui”and many product strains capabilities inside the application improvement platform. its software covers voice semantics, map navigation, amusement ecology, instrument and scene reconstruction, smart vehicle carrier, multi-feel interplay, excessive-stage sound, automobile games, scene workshop, exhibition corridor mode, virtual mall, ecological area cellular telephone interconnection and lots of other basic and progressive product experiences.

“z-one galaxy clever cockpit software platform”has been efficaciously carried out to a number of export fashions of saic within the european marketplace after cautious research and product enjoy sharpening, bringing the chinese language leading cockpit revel in to europe. the newly upgraded “z-one galaxy clever cockpit software program platform”could be used for a top class clever electric powered car emblem — feifan automobile. in the future, it’s going to additionally be used for extra fashions beneath development, and may carry extra wise and multi-mode hmi consumer experience.

unique advantages

• galaxy full stack base aid

unique from different independent cockpit domain controller answers, “z-one galaxy clever cockpit software program platform”is predicated on z-one clever automobile complete stack answer, such as computing platform, electronic architecture, software platform, smart cloud platform, which implanted deep technical base for cross-area integration, continuous product selection, and the closing user enjoy innovation.

• soa software platform

z-one’s unique soa software program platform supports quite a few automobile domain controllers except cockpit area controller. it has tremendous pass-area integration capability, the most superb scene enjoy and consumer scene customization capability. based on soa software program platform, the software program can be bought, offered and subscribed.

• precipitation and innovation of“z-one galaxy wise cockpit software platform”

if you want to assist the digital revel in of merchandise, z-one developed its own cockpit software platform. similarly to the fundamental product functions of the cockpit, the platform additionally presents precise user enjoy layout (sector-ux) and hmi type (region-ui). independently developed some al algorithms, including in-cabin notion (oms, dms), multi-mode interactive nebula speech framework znlp. inside the platform design, it consciousness on the non-purposeful objectives along with performance and balance. in addition, it has completely optimized the slow start of the cockpit to realise low static contemporary start-up 2d. many traditional peripheral features had been constructed into

the software platform, including high-stage sound, hud, avm, drv, streaming media rear-view, etc. via the platform, functions and algorithms are deposited to offer proper environment for ux innovation.

• multi-mode interactive sensible companion

via clever accomplice merchandise, it integrates wise packages of diverse capabilities consisting of in-cabin notion, picture & voice multi-mode, 3d image, shrewd advice and sensible scene, and gives evolution-in a position clever revel in for users in lengthy-time period use.

• incorporated cabin and steering for immersive experience

“z-one galaxy wise cockpit software program platform”is positioned in the utility situations of smart vehicles, deeply incorporated with wise riding, offering person revel in of automatic riding scene reconstruction and human-device co-using. in the meantime, combined with multi-screen, multi-mode, ar/vr and other technology, to gain intuitive interplay and immersive cockpit revel in in the form of multi-sensory linkage.

• ecological integration

cooperated with leading companions in net ecological industry and the usage of the middle skills of soa, we will create leading cabin ecological experience and offer ecological leisure, vehicle games and plenty of different ecological offerings. on the identical time, in-intensity cooperation with mobile phone and iot producers, combine ecological services from hardware and software protocols and cloud, genuinely realize seamless go with the flow across borders, terminals and gadgets, and will provide person-centered ecological offerings.

• data closed loop

primarily based at the incorporated architecture of cloud tube facet, and supported via xota

and data manufacturing facility, the software platform offers software program era innovation functionality and has closed-loop capability of self-gaining knowledge of, self-growth and self-evolution at set of rules, software and product degree.


“z-one galaxy clever cockpit software program platform”can be applied to wise vehicle cockpit merchandise:

• the software platform based totally on soa structure can adapt to numerous hardware structures and vehicle models;

• derivative products and ux can be custom designed based totally at the desires of branding;

• meet the wishes of integration of wise cockpit and autopilot in top class cars, provide “one-stop”, “differentiated” and “multi-degree” answers along with hardware, software program and cloud offerings.


within the destiny, smart cockpit gadget will continue to reveal a trend from decentralized to centralized, from impartial to incorporated, and the complexity of cockpit software may be further expanded. z-one tech adhere to consumer experience because the center, decide to creating a brand new clever species integrating self-studying, self-boom and self-evolution genes, offering customers with digital merchandise and experience of scenes from interior to outside the car, from local to cloud. as one of the particular measures to comprehend “facts determines experience and software defines motors”,“z-one galaxy shrewd cockpit software program platform” will assign greater top rate smart electric automobile brand, to provide users with smooth, convenient, and ample immersive driving enjoy.

within the new technology of software program and hardware integration improvement, z-one tech will paintings with partners in a extra open and efficient way to sell commercial reform, build a brand new surroundings of shrewd automobiles, obtain move-border extension of the industrial chain, and construct shrewd vehicles into the “0.33 area” for cellular journey.

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