annual technology show off highlights innovation massive and small

the variety of mountain view’s tech scene become on full show at the seventh annual generation showcase this 12 months, with businesses and corporations ranging in length from one-man or woman operations to those with masses of employees. the event changed into lower back in character for the first time since the pandemic started out.

presented together by way of the mountain view chamber of commerce and the town of mountain view on july 19 on the civic middle plaza, this 12 months’s show off featured the whole thing from 3d robots to area labs. the voice talked to 3 of the entrepreneurs and innovators that make mountain view one of the tech epicenters of silicon valley.

jinxbot 3d printing

jason reynolds is a one-man display who does it eager about his agency. he’s the founder and sole worker of jinxbot, a 3d printing provider enterprise that he commenced out of his garage. jinxbot started out with “one printer and a dream,” reynolds said, and now he has more than a dozen printers enjoyable orders that may be picked up domestically or shipped.

jinxbot offers 3d printing offerings from three styles of printers, including a brand new manner referred to as sls (selective laser sintering) printing. it uses a nylon medium creates printed merchandise which might be stronger, relatively exact and temperature-resistant.

“it’s simply end up extra commercially to be had,” reynolds told the voice. “so i’ve taken numerous that cost on for jinxbot and am providing that era to every body who wishes it.”

his quick turnaround times – generally 48 to seventy two hours – and one-on-one correspondence with his clients are what set jinxbot aside from different 3d printing provider corporations, reynolds stated.

“a number of instances, 3d printing offerings will kind of be like a black field: you post a record or an order for a part, and you’re no longer certain what you’re going to get,” reynolds stated as one in all his 3d printers whirred subsequent to him. “with me, i’m going to reach out once i get your record and ask questions – ‘good day, did you want it sturdy this way? have you ever concept approximately support fabric this way?’ that way, you know you’re going to get the component that you need.”

reynolds said his favourite a part of jogging jinxbot is attending to help humans deliver their visions to life.

“i get to fulfill a lot of thrilling people,” he said. “people are sincerely enthusiastic about their tasks and what they’re doing.”

currently placed on church avenue and calderon avenue, jinxbot will quickly be increasing to a larger area off of vintage middlefield way.

hacker dojo

a nonprofit on a task to create an inclusive and accessible space for tech lovers to examine, play and build collectively, hacker dojo was based in 2009 in mountain view. after shifting to santa clara in 2016 and then having to take a deadly disease-brought about hiatus, the tech-targeted maker space is now returned inside the metropolis in which all of it started out: in april 2022, hacker dojo reopened its doors in a new space on maude road in mountain view.

“as a nonprofit enterprise, we’re non-critical, so we needed to close our door for 2 years,” executive director ed choudhry informed the voice at some point of the tech show off. “in that point frame, we did numerous soul searching for the company: what’s our new challenge, and the way do we navigate thru this? and what we’ve come to locate is that we’re fantastic for in-person: we’re for those who are on line, coming off-line to connect and percentage thoughts and to examine from each other.”

every extremely good tech startup has to begin somewhere, choudhry said, and that’s what hacker dojo goals to offer.

“we’re the platform, the in-individual area, to get that idea started out,” he stated. “that is earlier than you get funding, earlier than you have any form of users. you’re just kind of socializing the concept. maybe i want a person to assist me out, maybe i just want more remarks on this concept. we’re that community to assist aid that.”

spartan robotics

marissa tsoi, an incoming senior at mountain view high school, has dedicated countless hours to her school’s spartan robotics team due to the fact that she become a freshman. but because of covid-19, this became the primary year that tsoi and her crew were able to experience not best constructing a robot from scratch, but competing towards different excessive college robotics teams in man or woman. the spartans’ robot changed into on display at the tech exhibit.

all through tsoi’s freshman 12 months, the group constructed a robotic but in no way were given to compete with it due to the pandemic shutdown.

“it became certainly unique,” tsoi stated of her navigating robotics crew throughout covid. “it become a variety of zoom meetings, and simply doing what you may absolutely, so that you type of missed out at the palms-on sort of component that’s clearly fun. … so that is the primary 12 months that we’ve without a doubt long past thru the complete method of constructing and competing a robot.”

each year in january, robotics teams across the country are assigned a game from the primary robotics competition. this 12 months, teams had to construct a robot that could shoot balls right into a purpose.

“we essentially spent round 25 hours every week at our lab at mountain view high faculty operating to design this robot when you consider that early january,” tsoi informed the voice on the tech show off. “and all of that accumulates into the competitions we compete at.”

spartan robotics took part in two nearby competitions this yr in march and april, tsoi stated. from there, the group qualified for the sector championships in houston.

“we have been able to make it all of the manner to come to be finalists in our subdivision there, which became a certainly tremendous accomplishment for us for the reason that it changed into simply coming off of covid,” tsoi said. “i think all and sundry on the crew discovered so much, simply going via the layout method.”

nasa ames

nasa brought some of its high-quality and brightest to this year’s tech exhibit to speak about what the ames research middle is as much as. lovorka degoricija, science communicator and outreach expert with nasa’s genelab, instructed the voice approximately how citizen scientists can get concerned with area studies here on earth.

“genelab is basically an open science repository that analyzes all the model organisms that are despatched into area at the worldwide area station on the way to behavior experiments,” degoricija said. “genelab analyzes those organisms the usage of various organic strategies to understand how the distance environment influences our biology at a molecular degree.”

with intentions to visit the moon and eventually to mars, understanding how area affects living organisms is vital to maintaining future astronauts secure, degoricija said. nasa sends version organisms like rodents, fruit flies, worms, bacteria and vegetation to space after which while those organisms are brought lower back to earth, genelab analyzes them.

“we really need to recognize how area affects us,” she said. “we additionally need to have a few type of a meals source on the ones flights, so we additionally observe vegetation and the way they are suffering from the space environment.”

conceptually, genelab is much like crowdsourcing, degoricija said.

“it’s open to the general public, everyone can get entry to this,” she stated. “we’re searching out citizen scientists to assist examine information to assist nasa’s venture in furthering the understanding of ways space impacts biology at a much faster tempo.”

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