after warcraft: arclight rumble, there are many more warcraft mobile game possibilities

if warcraft: arclight rumble proves to be a success, then blizzard may deliver even more warcraft mobile games, and there are many options.

after months of speculation, blizzard has finally shown off the first warcraft mobile game that it has created and it has been received pretty well so far. the game will be called warcraft: arclight rumble and looks very much like a clash royale game with a warcraft skin attached. besides being set in azeroth, the biggest difference between the two titles is that arclight rumble will be focused more on the pve side of things while clash royale is focused primarily on pvp.
warcraft: arclight rumble is only the beginning of blizzard’s mobile plans. alongside diablo: immortal, these two titles represent blizzard’s growing interest in the market, and if both prove to be successful, then more mobile games set in these fantasy worlds are likely on the horizon. warcraft specifically has a whole trove of possible mobile games that blizzard could pursue after arclight rumble.
perhaps one of the most requested mobile titles from the world of warcraft fanbase is a pet battle app. world of warcraft allows players to collect pets and battle against other players, npcs, and pets in a game mode very similar to pokemon. there are loads of pets to collect across azeroth and blizzard even introduced pet battle dungeons to the game. this form of content is entirely optional and gives players something to do while they wait to join a raid or pvp. it has also given collectors a whole new type of collectible and has seen them scour azeroth to catch them all.
the pet battles in world of warcraft seem like a perfect fit for a mobile title. players have to set aside their questing if they want to compete in pet battles, but a pet battle app would not require that. much like the wow companion app, a pet battle app would be directly tied to someone’s world of warcraft account and anything accomplished in the app would carry over to the game. it could load up a player’s pet collection and let them battle lt out in pet battles against other players or npcs across azeroth. it would provide wow players with something to do while they are away from their computer, and could even pull in new subscribers who may be interested in pet battling.
warcraft: orcs & humans and warcraft 2: tides of darkness kicked off the warcraft saga but have seen little love from blizzard since; the titles are not even purchasable on these titles told the story of the first and second great wars of azeroth which were pivotal parts of the warcraft story. modern-day mobile devices have the ability to run these old titles, so blizzard should consider porting them to a mobile platform. doing so would allow world of warcraft fans a chance to check out these classic titles, and it could allow blizzard to modernize them a bit.

a port of the first two warcraft games could be the full experience with touch screen support. the focus of mobile games tends to be on monetization, and as such, a port would most likely be filled with microtransactions. alternatively, these games could deviate from the free-to-play model and instead become a one-and-done purchase. this would not be the first old school game to receive new life on mobile as titles like rollercoaster tycoon classic, crazy taxi classic, and grand theft auto: san andreas.

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