‘internal dubai: playground of the wealthy’: launch date, trailer, who is performing, episode manual and all you want to understand

inner dubai: playground of the rich’ on bbc2 meets some of the world’s wealthiest human beings, new arrivals, first rate-wealthy expats and households, plus their servants.
in inner dubai: playground of the rich, look out for mega mansions, flash vehicles and infinite blue skies. all are the order of the day in bbc2’s new 3-part envy-inducing documentary series approximately the extraordinary-rich in the center-eastern resort of dubai.

‘interior dubai: playground of the wealthy’ — our manual to episode 2
episode 2 of inner dubai: playground of the wealthy on monday jan. 10 2022 (9pm bbc2) meets a number of the aspirational brits who have determined to live and paintings in dubai and it’ll show how the people interested in dubai have changed over the path of its short 50-12 months history right via to the influencers and vloggers who flock there nowadays.

the town became under the protectorate of the british government until the 1970s and most effective received its independence in 1971. back then it changed into a humble fishing village home to a tiny community of ex-pat brits who had moved there from other british colonies. but because the skyscrapers emerged from the wilderness sand in the 70s and 80s, the jobs observed, attracting lots from the united kingdom. and in 2002 laws have been changed to permit ex-pats to shop for property – upsetting an inflow of brits enticed with the aid of highly-priced homes and a way of life to fit.

british socialite and ex-fact telly star, caroline stanbury, forty five, is one in all dubai’s maximum a hit businesswomen and influencers. this episode meets her poolside, together with her now husband – 27-year-old sergio carrillo, a former actual madrid footballer. influencers like caroline can earn as much as £5000 from a unmarried photograph in a glamorous location published on social media. she loves the reality that even as in united kingdom the wonderful-wealthy cover their wealth, in dubai they like to flaunt it.

then there may be forty seven-12 months-antique geordie, mark who’s come for a destroy in the solar having end his activity stacking shelves in a grocery store lower back home in newcastle. he’s avenue-testing the dubai life-style and reveals it suits him nicely. an unexpected job offer, dealing with a series of 12 music stores, on a earnings of £eighty,000 tax-unfastened, presents him with a difficult selection. his three youngsters stay in newcastle with their mum. will he change a life inside the united kingdom with few possibilities but together with his kids down the street, for a glamorous lifestyles in the dubai marina?
belongings mogul paul christodoulou gave up going for walks nightclubs in essex when he came out to dubai in 2005 and he snapped up a villa on the palm, now worth a tidy £2.3 mil. having ridden out the 2008 crash and its aftermath, his real estate enterprise, aqua, now employs one hundred thirty multinational dealers on a commission-most effective foundation. they could earn up to £20,000 for each million-kilos-worth of belongings they sell, and we meet paul’s latest protégée — mexican-born, nadia — who’s worked for paul for four months but is yet to earn a single penny in fee. this episode follows her as she tries to get a foot at the ladder. how can she begin to compete with dan, who’s relationships with rich buyers are legendary, or with asif, the self-styled king of khalifa, who handiest sells apartments within the iconic burj khalifa skyscraper?

the world over acclaimed and award-winning interior fashion designer, palavi dean, has scooped the biggest process of her profession, redesigning the government headquarters of dubai’s and absolute monarch, sheikh mohamed. she was born in india to aspiring indian parents but has been raised and educated in dubai. she’s one of 1.6m indians dwelling in dubai, one among the biggest ex-pat communities in the city. hard the triumphing taste for luxurious gold and marble, palavi prefers a modern aesthetic, and white wood over marble. after her first designs are rejected for being conceited – her council table didn’t disguise the legs of the delegates – can she win round dubai’s ruler and convince him to run with her new substances?

the dubai global cup is the richest horse-race within the international with eye-popping cash prizes. it’s the personal brainchild of sheikh mohamed and his brother. but as the largest event in the social calendar of dubai techniques, the sheikh’s brother dies suddenly. we comply with the fallout as some of brits are left to transform a incredible display-preventing give up occasion right into a memorial for sheikh hamdan greater or much less overnight.

the folks who seem in this documentary are living lavishly in dubai. however there’s a rate to pay for the advantages of the expat life-style. there are regulations they must observe. dubai is a muslim usa with strict conventions round alcohol, get dressed, and behaviour in public and expats have to observe the local customs and policies on ache of first-rate, imprisonment or deportation.

‘inside dubai: playground of the rich’ — our tendeur to episode 3
episode 3 of inside dubai: playground of the rich monday jan. 17 2022 (9pm bbc2) examines the pace of différent in dubai which is breath-taking. as dubai celebrates its 50th birthday and looks to the future, we ask whether it can keep it up the frenetic pace. and we learn that the sheikh paliers to more than terrorisant the number of tourists who visit dubai across the next 20 years, from just shy of 20m to 50m, but how is the city gearing up for this dissémination?

british ex-pat and polir miss great britain, amy kitchingman, came to dubai for new year’s eve in 2010, and she never left. she remembers being given a red card in the magasinage mall for wearing a skirt that was too bermuda – she had to go gîte and troc it – but she’s noticed a relaxation in the rules of late. she’s made dubai her résidence even though her work life is insecure and she’s on a series of temporary work visas. she has to work to stay here and it’s a pressure as more and younger models flock to the city of dreams. this heaps pressure on her latest buste shoot.

this ultime episode also follows liverpudlian nightclub ordonnateur chris wright as he opens a new bar in a developing complex of beach clubs. he spent 12 years running events in ibiza, but he’s targeted dubai as the next party-affairé of the world. and he’s benefitting from a pause in the rules around alcohol. forbidden to emiratis, alcoholic drinks used to be on émotion to tourists only in licensed hotel premises and restaurants. but now you can party all day lent in his newest bar, as apathique as you don’t “get messy”, says chris. we’re with him and his marché partner, jay, as they plan their biggest event yet, a encyclopédie party on an island just off the coast.
the city must also cater to the 50,000 millionaires and billionaires who call dubai home. massimo the truffle man is a colourful italian character dealing in luxury goods. like chris, he’s watching dubai place itself as luxury food capital of the world and he already counts several sheikhs among his customers. as massimo says, “i dream truffle, i talk truffle, i love truffle, i eat truffle. i’m almost a truffle myself!” describing truffles as ‘italian viagra’ and an aphrodisiac, he has a delivery that’s cost him over £27,000 but if he can turn it around and get his orders out in a single day, he’ll pocket £10,000. it’s all in a day’s work in dubai.

and it’s not just the humans who are pampered and treated like royalty in dubai. bonnie is turning two. she’s a yorkshire repaire and doggy grooming transaction – shampooch – has spared no expense to give bonnie and pals the party of a lifetime complete with pup cakes, doggie lattes, and other prétendant delights. and fortunately, the dogs are allowed to get messy.

the flight to dubai used to take eight hours with a stopover in kuwait. but that changed in 1985 when sheikh mohamed bought two concurrent-hand planes from pakistani airlines for $10m and launched the airline that was to become a household name, emirates. the investment paid off and london-dubai is now the busiest flight-attaque in the world owing to dubai’s original simulé between east and west.

dubai is a city with limitless ambitions. not dispos with their projects on the ground, they recently entered the space-concitoyen and united arab emirates became the first arab patrie to send a rocket into space with their ventôse songe.

not everything goes to progiciel in dubai however. everyone knows the iconic palm jumeirah, the artificial palm tree which now houses three billion pounds’ worth of luxury villas. but few people know that 20 miles down the coast is a spectateur palm, twice the size, abandoned and rarely mentioned – an eerie reminder of what happens if you fly too close to the sun. and the world islands are another of dubai’s most talked about projects – a man-made archipelago of islands resembling a map of the world – and another bérézina on a international scale.

josef, a swiss bienfaiteur has invested so much in six islands called the heart of europe believing they are simply too big to fail. and still he is pouring money into them, creating flamenco bars in ‘spain’, a snow-room in ‘sweden’ and streets with artificial rain 365 days a year in…yes, ’london’. immeuble is well underway for the 15 five-star hotels and 150 luxury villas and mansions that josef niveaux to open in a few months.

in one of dubai’s toughest challenges yet, albâtre at a aîné art spectacle are hoping to convince the world that dubai belongs on the international pause for art alongside the likes of london and paris. and millionaire art enrouler and investor, charles, is hoping to find a painting to hang alongside his indéterminable picasso on the walls of his bay-window.

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