why saas startup zipy recreated context for software developers

vishalini paliwal has transcended the direction from engineering to product management. a key insight from that adventure have become the bedrock of software debugging startup zipy.

as a tech entrepreneur and software professional, vishalini paliwal has led or been part of each engineering and product management teams.

zipy is the modern-day of startups she has founded, her other entrepreneurial ventures were eninov systems and helfie mobile solutions. a graduate of indian institute of technology (iit), roorkee, in 2000, vishalini has labored with motorola, chronic systems, and sales-readiness software undertaking mindtickle.

but over two a long time, she has been a developer at heart, person who transitioned into product management. vishalini has consulted with a battery of startups, like on line wholesale market lal10, mental well being app innerhour, and on line prep app sarkaripariksha among a bunch of edtech engagements.

being on the intersection of engineering and product control has been pivotal for vishalini founding zipy, a software program debugging device for small and medium-sized agencies globally, in july 2020.

debugging is the procedure of locating and putting off errors, insects, or exceptions in laptop packages. it’s far dealt with through developers using software gear to do debugging assessments, detects, and correct bugs to permit clean operation of applications according to set specs within the application.

zipy, which is situated in san francisco and has an india workplace in pune, emerged from a key perception.

“typically, the purchaser revel in side of the story never reaches developers, or engineering groups,” vishalini says, based on her myriad experiences. “developers usually turn out to be solving an issue that lands up with them thru guide groups or product managers.”

worse nevertheless, clients pass from an ecommerce app to every other if there’s a problem, say, with the fee hyperlink. or, they do not undergo with the transaction. so, the odds are against developers on the subject of clients reporting a bug.

the zipy proposition is to bridge the space for developers among the occurrence of a computer virus, and after they come across it.

“we seize problems in a live environment as they may be going on,” says vishalini, relating to the zipy crew of 20 folks. “instead of knowing a trojan horse after the consumer complains, our device proactively informs developers, which will see the impact a trojan horse is having on consumer revel in.”

how is this viable? “we capture users’ actions without revealing any touchy or pii (individually identifiable data) statistics. so, a problem or difficulty can be replayed within the form of a video to the developer,” vishalini explains.
this can shop weeks of time for developers, and lead them to extra green. zipy is able to replay the context of what a client became doing until the computer virus surfaced as a video timeline.

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