octavic lists the first software program robot for automating repetitive approaches in factories on uipath marketplace

octavic, company of virtual solutions for enterprise 5.zero, completed the first business integration at the uipath market platform by way of listing the unique automation for manufacturing procedures in industry.


“this is a uipath software program robotic that is brought about through positive events generated via the manufacturing facts that octavic monitors; this particular use case automates stop-of-shift and and-of-order reporting flows, procedures that eat needless time and can not be tracked transparently in many factories. generation for this reason contributes to saving thousands of sheets of paper consistent with month and getting rid of masses of hours of repetitive human paintings from factories,” stated paul harfaş, co-founder of octavic.

“it’s simply one example of the various benefits that integrating the octavic digital device with rpa can offer to manufacturing facility managers, who can now inspire teams to make contributions creatively to the production method, not being busy with responsibilities that robots can take over,” adds felix blaga, octavic co-founder.

the precise technology advanced via octavic, in partnership with prestigious foreign universities, transforms traditional factories into smart devices, via streamlining manufacturing methods. the factories that have integrated the octavic virtual machine store time, money and electricity via lowering charges, unproductive ready times and human errors, and via most useful planning they manipulate to make the maximum of their manufacturing ability. the enterprise’s objective, a scale-up that has to date digitized the biggest european brands inside the pharma, tobacco, meals&beverage and car industries, is to make contributions drastically to the efforts of commercial producers to reach esg targets via integrating technology particular to industry 5.zero.

the list of the solution at the uipath marketplace assures the organization to increase its month-to-month ordinary sales via up to twenty%, given that the octavic virtual device has already ensured its openness to new markets via adding extra modules. “we are expanding past the b2b sector and now addressing a wider variety of clients, from new sectors and industries. in addition, if until now we have been addressing immediately to seventy five% of the departments of a manufacturing facility – most of them being the ones at once associated with the shopfloor – now we can also meet the needs of other operational regions, inclusive of human resources, in which we are able to song the performance of operators, monetary departments, to calculate the full prices of energy consumed with a product or a customer, in only a few seconds”, adds paul harfaș.

within the b2c marketplace, the octavic power efficiency module is addressed specially to owners of high-tech residential buildings, who can thus reduce energy consumption prices, and the environmental oxygen monitoring module enables, as an instance, fitness centers to avoid fires and contamination of patients with poisonous debris. by means of putting in the octavic gadget, house owners also can acquire alerts and real-time reports immediately on their cell at the interest of clever system in their domestic, consisting of solar panels, warmth pumps, hvac, accordingly cashing in on the modern day cloud computing technology in the field.

enterprise five.0 refers to the usage of virtual cyber-bodily systems, from the idea of industry four.0, to lessen the carbon footprint of industry and make production tactics extra electricity efficient. the idea is contained in a eu directive, with the purpose of facilitating the achievement of esg targets for enterprise.

uipath marketplace is the biggest on line library of software program robots (rpa – robot system automation), with wide applicability in diverse fields and industries. with the assist of rpa additives, companies that integrate automations from the platform streamline their repetitive inner procedures by using putting off mistakes and repetitive paintings.

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